2012 Economic Impact Highlights

As a direct result of SBTDC counseling assistance in *FY 2012:

• 222 new jobs were created
• 242 jobs were saved
• 25 new businesses were started
• Capital formation was $9.6 million
• Incremental gross receipts were $23.8 million
*October 1, 2011-September 30, 2012


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New Businesses

Starting a business is a rewarding, life-changing process. With many critical questions, it can be a challenge to know where and how to find the answers. The SBTDC can help.

Step 1:  Be honest about your reasons for starting a business and whether or not it is really for you. This Start-Up Assessment Tool will help you think through some of these questions. If the answer is yes, move on. Take your time; these are some of the most important questions you and your family need to answer.

Step 2:  Get information on the nuts and bolts of starting a business and begin researching your business concept. There are MANY resources out there; we provide links to some at the bottom of this page. One resource is The Planning Shop; we are sharing their 6 Week Start up Program on Social Media. Training Programs can be a very helpful step. We make some online classes available for free. The “Starting a New Business” and “Crafting a Business Plan” courses are good starts. Also check out SCORE’s workshop schedule, they offer excellent classroom options.

Step 3:  Put some things on paper, most likely the electronic variety! Draft a Business Plan. Start to lay out the costs. Look at the competition. Think honestly about how much you have to invest and the collateral you have available if you will need some type of financing. You cannot start a business without a very considerable investment or money and time. So consider your options thoughtfully.

Step 4:  Get help. Once you have a draft business plan and some research get an objective point of view and suggestions for improvement. It can make the difference between success and disaster. Our business advisors, as well as partner mentors from SCORE work with hundreds of clients each year.  They have in-depth knowledge and experience, which enables them to help entrepreneurs navigate through the tough issues they face when starting a business. To request SBTDC assistance full out the online request, we will evaluate your situation and suggest the best options for your needs.


Resources for Start Ups:

Delaware Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship
Delaware Center for Enterprise Development
Delaware State Library Entrepreneurship Section

U.S. Small Business Association Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships ASBDC
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